1: The cart is loaded up with their bags and Ms. Villeneuve is sitting on top of the pile. A rope is attached from the cart to Maximon, who is tugging it along. Ikal walks alongside him, holding one of the lanterns.

2: Ikal hears something from behind them. He looks back over his shoulder, hand on Maximon to make him stop.

3: Jocelyn whispers, feelers covering her mouth.

Jocelyn: Bandits?

4: Ikal has a finger raised to his beak as he pulls his gun from his holster.

5: He gets the horse moving again, slowly. From a dark corner of rocks and piled up barrels the silhouette of a large shelled back, an arm and antennae moves in shadow.

6: Behind them, in a carved out alcove full of barrels, we see the beastly bug watching them.