1: The group move along the track, hitting a more open cavern, the rail passes atop a short ledge and a fork in the road. Ikal has his gun out and Maximon carries the torch.

2: Behind them, in the darkness of the open cavern, is the looming shadow of the bug: multiple barrels held in its thick arms.

3: We see barrels tossed, tumbling out of the shadows.

4: Maximon is hit and tripped by them, pushed from the ledge, he cries out.

5: The beast crawls out of the shadows, large fists held high. Ikal is hunched to the ground, aiming his gun.

Ikal (narrating): Now, I thought I had that thing right where I wanted, on account of how slow it moved.

6: But, distracted by the raised fists, he doesn’t see the queen’s other arms swing, and he is struck in the chest and knocked away.

Ikal (narrating): An’ I learnt: probably never gonna trust a four-armed sonnabitch at the poker table, ’cause those bastards play crooked.