1: An obscure cave entrance stands in the rock wall.

Ikal (narrating): Next mornin’, we cleared away the rocks of an old cave that I knew would lead us to the mines.

2 : Ikal, Jocelyn and Maximon walk down the sloped cave, climbing over boulders. They are partially lit by the entrance and from lanterns held by Jocelyn and strapped to the side of Maximon. The two carry the chest of eggs between them, and the rest of the bags are carried on the horse.

Jocelyn: Are you sure this is safe?

Ikal: It ain’t! But nothing’ll get ya there faster.

3: They reach more even ground as they progress.

Jocelyn: Shouldn’t we have left your animal outside?

Ikal: Don’t leave Maximon anywhere! He’ll be at my wedding if I have my way.

Jocelyn: I’ve seen married life… you don’t strike me as the type.

Ikal: Neither would my pop, if you ever met him.

4: They find a rusty mine cart at the end of an old metal track.

Jocelyn: This track looks recently cleared…

Ikal: Outlaws, if I had to take a guess, bet these mines are a great place to hide somethin’ you’ve stolen.