1: A bag full of soaps and perfumes is open near a bucket of water. Some flasks that contain strange liquids sit beside it

Jocelyn (off-panel): I do not even know if she can carry the eggs on her own, and that’s part of the problem. Our eggs are supposed to be laid in her and it might be too late for her to even-

Ikal (off-panel): Now that sounds like a detail I want none of.

Jocelyn (off-panel): The point is, without medical attention, she very likely is killing every egg she steals.

2: Ikal is in his sleeping bag, facing away from the fire gentlemanly.

Jocelyn (off-panel): Plus, if any of them get sick…

Ikal: Animals fall sick plenty in the wild, but they belong here. If y’all really are from an entire other world…

Jocelyn (off-panel): You understand.

3: He looks over his shoulder, baffled.

Ikal: We’ll get ’em, lil’ lady.

You have my…


4: Jocelyn appears to be nude. We see her segmented carapace and tail-like thorax as she washes: without her clothes, we see her second pair of arms which had been tucked away under her dress before, she seems to have just as much control of the second pair.

5: Ikal looks simply perplexed.