1: The two stand, contemplating the now closed chest of eggs.

Ikal (narrating): I wasn’t about to let somethin’ bad happen to a woman and her chicks, even if she was a crazy bug from another world.

Jocelyn: …But your carriage is ruined, and your horse can’t carry all of this to the town himself.

Ikal: Damn… right. It’s still a day’s slog on horseback to North Fork. Is that where your… colony, you called it?

Jocelyn: An abandoned underground mining rail leads from North Fork to where our ship died.

2: Ikal perks up.

Ikal: That old mine rail? Why didn’tcha say so? There’s an entrance to it right in this valley!

Jocelyn (off-screen): What?

3: Jocelyn wrings her hands, feelers over her mouth in an expression of thanks.

Ikal (off-screen): I know this pass inside and out! My brothers an’ I used to play in those caves all the time as kids.

I’ll bet you there’s still a cart that runs along those rails.

Reckon we can mosy through to your ship before noon tomorrow.

Jocelyn: That would mean the world to me, Mr. Tinalto.

4: Ikal stands confidently, Jocelyn looks less than enthused.

Ikal: Please, Ma’am, just “Ikal” is fine, ain’t much of a man for formal talk.

Now, we need to get us some rest. We’ve got a terrifying, decrepit mining tunnel to explore come sun up – big nuts to crack.

Jocelyn: Sounds… great.

Ikal: My idea of the perfect vacation, lil’ miss.