1: In a dusty desert town sits a saloon. The signs on it and its neighboring buildings are in a non-English avian script. Francis Costgrove, a skinny, bespectacled sparrow in a three piece suit approaches the saloon. Townsfolk call into each other in untranslated, musical avian speech.

Caption: Clearwater, Nevada. Avian Territory. 1852.

2: A drink, an amber beer is poured from a pitcher into a glass, the doors to the saloon are pushed open by Francis.

3: The drink is pulled away by steady, tan-scaled avian hands, we see Costgrove standing nervously in the door.

4: We see part of the bar interior: welcoming yellow walls, with simple round tables. The nervous man approaches a man alone at a table with his clawed feet up on the table. The roadrunner sheriff, Ikal Tinalto, wears a wide brimmed sombrero and a striped poncho.

Francis: Um, terribly sorry to um… interrupt. Are you Sheriff Ikal Tinalto?

5: Ikal’s hard eyes peek out from under his hat.

Ikal: Who’s askin’?