“Cock holster” still stands as my favorite slang that Tsumi found for this issue and it’s maybe my favorite line of dialogue in the entire comic.


1: The sparrow pulls up a chair to sit down.
Francis: Ah, well sir, my name is Francis Costgrove, and I represent the Auburn Gazette.
Ikal (off-screen): Lotsa places called “Auburn” I reckon.
Francis: Auburn, California, sir.

2: Ikal relaxes back in his chair. A wide-hipped avian girl, red-bellied woodpecker, approaches the table with a pitcher of beer: she wears a long skirt and silk-collared bodice.

Ikal: Hrm… You come a long way to talk to a stoved up old bull like me.

3: Ikal is jostled from his relaxed position as she leans over him to refill him.

Scarlet: Hon, you ain’t a month over 24. Cut the dramatic talk.

4: He settles back down, adjusting his hat dramatically.

Ikal: Ignore that, Scarlet’s no flair for story-tellin’.

5: Francis pulls a pen and a pad of paper out from his coat.

Francis: I am, um, here to ask about an event two years ago at Spearmont Pass.

Ikal: Spearmont Pass?

Refresh my memory…

6: The woodpecker calls out from behind the bar..

Scarlet: He’s talkin’ about that whoppin monster you fought.

Ikal: Shut yer cock holster will ya? I am tryin’ to set up a captivating tone for this here newspaper man!

Scarlet: Don’t take that tone with me you plucked turkey, or I’ll boot ya right out into the gutter muck!

An’ get those dirty claws off my tables!