1: Melissa filters through a rack of traditional Egyptian dress shirts, collar-less inspired by dashiki and kaftan styles.

2: She holds one up to herself in front of a mirror.
Sedjet (off-screen): Melissa?

3: We see Sedjet in the mall, smiling.
Melissa: Professor Ahmes? What are you doing here?
Sedjet: What, I can’t enjoy shopping too?
I’ve never seen you dress this formally, Mel!
Melissa: It just caught my eye this time, I guess!

4: Julia comes up from down the isles.
Julia: Talking to strangers again?
Melissa: This is Professor Ahmes. He works with my dad, and teaches Applied Quantum Mechanics at the university.
Sedjet: Oh, just a little part-time job is all.
You look awfully familiar…

5: In a flash back, we see Julia facing down the Black Idol in the hallway of the Pilgrim Center. Behind the idol is the bloodied body of Sedjet on the floor.

6: Julia shrugs it off.
Julia: I intern over at the Pilgrim Center, maybe you saw me buzzing around.
Sedjet (off-screen): Hm, maybe!