1: We see the signage to the Mall of Cairo, a sprawling shopping complex.
Julia (off-screen): I need to get you out of those clothes, Melissa.
Melissa (awkwardly) (off-screen): …uh…
Julia (off-screen): And into new ones, I mean. You need a new wardrobe.

2: Julia and Melissa hang out as she gets a haircut from a rabbit woman with bright pink hair and a rather showy ultramodern outfit that looks almost like a swimsuit and sarong.
Melissa: I haven’t bought new clothes in forever. I’m not used to having money…
Julia: Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you’re drowning in credit card debt in no time, like a proper adult!

3: Julia rubs her chin in contemplation. The pair are in a department store in the women’s section.
Caption: Later that day…
Julia: Now… what style suits you best…

4: Melissa stands in a fancy, traditional Egyptian dress complete with large collared necklace. We see she has a choppier, shorter hair style now.
Julia (off-screen): Something traditional, perhaps?
Melissa: I can’t dress like it’s a wedding every day…

5: Melissa in a more tomboyish outfit of board shorts and a vest top and hat.
Julia (off-screen): Maybe something more masculine and powerful!
Melissa: I’d rather look like, ya know, a girl.
Julia (off-screen): Where’s the fun in that?

6: Melissa in a skin tight, futuristic-looking suit with reflective red stripes. She’s covering herself, feeling naked.
Julia (off-screen): Perhaps the newest fashion craze, inspired by Martian space wear!

7: Melissa looks exasperated.
Melissa: Fashion is exhausting…