1: We see Melissa’s bedroom for the first time in the day, a classy chaise lounge by her bet and posters on the wall. Julia is prowling around, generally invading her privacy while Melissa sits on her neatly-made bed.
Julia: Finally comin’ back to school?
Melissa: Uh huh. Doctor said I’m all healed up and not, like, full of cancer or anything.
Julia: I’ve kept track of all the notes and shit you’ve been missing.
Melissa: Thanks…

2: Julia seems full of energy, Melissa is more unsure.
Julia: You sound thrilled.
Melissa: Just tired.
Julia: You need to get out! You’ve been cooped up at home for weeks.
Your dad gives you money, right?
Melissa: Yeah…

3: Julia exclaims excitedly.
Julia: Then let’s go shopping!

4: Melissa is giggling, Julia rolls her eyes at her.
Melissa: Hehehe…
You’re such a girl.