1: Back in Melissa’s room, some of the clothes the two bought are laid out on her bed.
Julia (off-screen): Now, I don’t want to see you in those pasty pink stockings ever again, young lady. You’re gonna show off those legs and you’re gonna like it.
Melissa (off-screen): Thanks, Julia…
I really don’t know anything about buying clothes, and my dad can only help so much.

2: On Melissa’s dresser Julia has opened a ornate jewelry box, a glowing necklace rack shows off some Egyptian Art Deco jewelry.
Julia: This shit’s beautiful, how come you never wear it?
Melissa (off-screen): I felt weird wearing it where I used to live. No one wore jewelry there, no one could afford to dress nicely.
Julia: I must insist.

3: Julia stands behind Melissa, the two framed by the mirror atop the dresser. The wolf is fitting a nice necklace around Melissa’s neck, who is now wearing a casual European collared shirt. Melissa is blushing.
Julia: Keep dressing like this and you’ll have to fight all those cute Egyptian boys away with a stick.