1: We see the testing lab full with scientists taking notes and monitoring computer displays. Eric and Sedjet sit behind a control panel facing the idol’s holding cell.
Sedjet: Test number 12a – the reaction of EA-055 to the flesh of a feral animal. The meat is…

2: Sedjet leans over an extended microphone. Eric studies a tablet. In the background we see one of the security soldiers posted near the door to the lab holding an antiquated-looking spear. The tip has the same shape and dimensions as the silver knife Julia used in Issue 2.
Eric: Porcupine.
Sedjet: The meat is porcupine, fresh and locally caught.

3: The idol is recoiled against one wall of the glass tank in which it is confined. It extends antennae to poke at a chunk of raw meat suspended on a hook, making a hissing noise as all eyes turn to the meat.

4: A mouth leaps from the idol to snatch up the meat with a violent tear through the flesh.
Sedjet (off-screen): EA-055 has consumed the meat. It seems to express immediate, animalistic hunger. This was not observed during tests involving inorganic matter.