1: On another hook we see a larger piece of raw meat, with a bone this time. Sedjet distinguishes this as a sample from an anthropoid species, the upright walking sentient races, rather than a “feral” quadrupedal unenlightened race.
Sedjet (off-screen): Test 12b – the subject’s reaction to the dead flesh of an adult, male anthropoid; species… um…
Eric (off-screen): Uh… Rabbit…
Sedjet (off-screen): Rabbit.
Eric (off-screen): Where the hell did those guys get a hold of this sample?

2: The idol once again examines the meat with its antennae.
Sedjet (off-screen): Aaand the fact that you ask that out loud is why you haven’t been promoted yet!

3: The idol has sunk tentacles into the flesh, which spread out and intermingle with the veins and cords of muscle, not simply biting at the flesh as it did with the other sample.

4: Dragged closer to the idol, the flesh is now half transformed into the same writhing black flesh that composes the monster: cells turning black and degrading as the mass spreads like an infection.

5: We see the scientists in the room: some purposefully aren’t looking, Eric watches in quiet horror, Amzin looks a little intrigued by the intensity of the visual.
Sedjet: EA-055 seems to have absorbed this flesh into its form. It hasn’t consumed it, it’s… like it converted it into the same biological composition.
Deep scans show that while it is digesting the feral meat internally, the absorbed anthropoid meat has become completely indistinguishable.