Some of the boxes in the shelves of this psychologist are D&D boxes!


1: Sedjet sits in the office of a psychiatrist, it is welcoming with a large bookcase and paintings on the walls.
Doctor: Well, Sedjet, it looks like this will be our last afternoon together. You should be proud of getting through that experience as you did.
Sedjet: Thanks! I’m just glad I can get back to work.
Doctor: How have you been feeling lately? No more nightmares?

2: The scenic view of a tiled balcony, overlooking a city with light drapes. A younger Sedjet with short hair sits on a stone bench, sitting with a civet cat, Sutech.
Sedjet: No, but I did have a nice dream this morning. I was in my old childhood bedroom.

3: The young civet smiles at Sedjet sweetly.
Sedjet: Sutech was there. I had the biggest crush on him in high school…

4: Behind the young man, we see a horrible mass of black flesh perched upon the balcony: the unmistakable eyes of the Black Idol stare at the viewer, mouths gnashing.
Doctor: That sounds nice. Anything else?

5: Back in the office Sedjet is smiling at the doctor.
Sedjet: That’s all. Just a nice, little dream.