1: Two men in lab coats stand in an elevator. To the left is a male sheep, Amzin Mennad, looking young and nervous. To the right is Professor Sedjet Ahmes, male fennec.

2: Sedjet speaks without turning his head; Amzin looks at him to listen.
Sedjet: You know, this used to be a bomb shelter.
Amzin: Hm? What?
Sedjet: This basement. It was built as a bomb shelter during the war. And it’s just… ironic.

3: The door of the elevator opens in front of them.
Sedjet: We thought awful, unthinkable nightmares were about to be unleashed, so we built a place to keep them out.

4: We see the basement: a high tech laboratory and, at the center, the living Black Idol behind thick glass and under surveillance.
Sedjet: Now, we use it to keep those nightmares inside.