1: We see the idol inside the chamber looking unaffected.
Sedjet (off-screen): EA-055 shows no reaction so far. I will be increasing the pressure towards 1,500 psi.
Eric, honey… I’m fine, I promise. I’m coping. This thing hurt me, and now I want to learn about it. I want to learn to hurt it, to control it…
If I can help stop it from hurting other people, then I’ll have done my job.

2: The idol starts to look strained, thinner, squirming and losing color as its limbs shrivel.
Sedjet (off-screen): At 2,000 psi, the subject is starting to show strain.

3: Eric and Amzin look on with concern.
Eric: I just don’t want to think about you harboring resentment towards this… thing. That’s all.
You’re my friend and I worry about you, but I’m also a professional, and I don’t want you affecting results.

4: The idol is crushed the eyes withered away and body hardened and desiccated. It starts to lose color, looking dead.
Eric (off-screen): Speaking of results…
Sedjet (off-screen): At about 12,000 psi, EA-055 is experiencing structural collapse and destruction. I’d guess that the cellular structure of its body can’t hold up to this kind of pressure.
Eric dear… There’s no resentment.
There’s no emotion at all!
I’m a scientist.

5: Sedjet looks on intently, brows pulled together in concentration.
Sedjet: Increasing towards 15,000 psi…