1: A small sample of the idol is seen through thick glass, sitting in a specially designed chamber.
Sedjet (off-screen): Test number 30a – the subject’s resistance to atmospheric pressure.
As half of the subject existed in the near-vacuum of the lunar atmosphere, we will monitor the effects of an oxygen-rich, high-pressure environment.
Eric (off-screen): So… You’ve never really talked to me about it.
Sedjet (off-screen): Talked to you about what?
Eric (off-screen): Sedjet, come on.

2: At their stations, we see Eric and Sedjet, this is a different day, judging by their change of shirts.
Eric: You were attacked by that thing, taken over, but you’ve never even mentioned it.
Sedjet: The psychiatrist already cleared me. There’s nothing more to talk about.
Eric: Talking to a doctor is not the same as talking to a friend. It must have affected you.

3: Sedjet’s hand adjusts a digital dial.
Sedjet (off-screen): I am now slowly increasing atmospheric pressure to 100 psi.
Now really isn’t the time to talk about this.

4: Sedjet, stares coldly forward. Eric raises his voice.
Eric (off-screen): You can’t just sit there and run experiments on that thing after what it did to you, as if nothing happened!