1: Melissa stands and walks towards the scene. We see her child self looking past her mother and out of a large sliding glass door, bright white light pours in.

2: Melissa looks out the window, parting the curtain.

3: The outside world is a surreal and lurid landscape of black, writhing mass. Slimy black tentacles creeping out of a black, fleshy ground, bones, fangs and eyes on stalks rise up towards a blood red sky. Eye-less birds made of black flesh roost in a rib cage, their faces nothing but sharp beak-like teeth.

4: In the dark of her bed room, Melissa wakes up with a gasp, suddenly awake in her bed.

5: Julia, in only her underwear, lays half asleep on Melissa’s couch with her back to the room.
Julia: Mrf… what’s up?

6: Melissa sits up, holding her head, it looks like she had been carried to her bed when she fell asleep, but she is still dressed.
Melissa: Just… a dream. I’m okay.