1: In a different section of the car Armitage and Haji sit in a booth.
Armitage (off-screen): Ah, now this is the stuff.
Innsmouth Reserve. A proper whiskey.

2: A speculative Detective Haji is sipping a glass and sitting back in his seat.
Haji: I don’t touch the European stuff.
Armitage (off-screen): Oh, you’ve got to try it! Most of it isn’t as strong as, uh, as African stuff, but it goes down so smooth.

3: Haji noses his drink.
Haji: Used to be that you couldn’t find anything from across the sea here.

4: Armitage listens with a look of concern, he is in a less ostentatious suit for travel.
Haji: Some of the ales, if you went to the right place.
Now even some of the proper, Egyptian brands are getting harder to find.

5: Haji looks down somberly at his glass.
Haji: A thousand years of tradition being replaced with sugary, flavorless swill.

6: Armitage shrugs.
Armitage: It’s all alcohol!