1: Agent Jackson and Julia sit across from each other in the Pilgrim Center’s dining hall. Julia has one of the reusable cups.
Caption: Cairo, 2037
Julia: I’m friends with Mr. Khainouda’s daughter and he got me this internship.
This place is huge. I can’t even fathom how many levels are hidden underground…

4: Jackson’s eyebrows are slightly furrowed, a barely hidden look of concern.
Jackson: Is all this something you’re interested in?
Julia (off-screen): Oh, totally.

5-6: Julia’s eyes are alight with genuine excitement.
Julia: This shit is important. I’ve read all about this place, it’s basically the forefront of the advancement of the whole damn planet.
I mean, no, they’re not inventing much or saving lives exactly, but they’re the only ones really looking outside the planet. They’re why we almost have a colony on the fucking moon, and that’s the real future of society.

7-9: Jackson’s face shows a concealed mix of surprise and relief.
Jackson: That’s similar to why I got into my career.
Julia (off-screen): You… became a government agent because of… the moon base?
Jackson: No, weirdo.
But see, as a kid…
Yeah, that’s right, you weren’t even around when we first made contact with the Martians, were you?