1: We see British Prime Minister James Sinclair (squirrel) shaking hands with the Royal Ambassador of Mars: a tall, slender, green-skinned creature with two sets of antennae. A flashback to the first televised meeting between the Martian race and the races of Earth.
Jackson (off-screen): My father was British Secret Service and was often at the Prime Minister’s side, so he got to meet them. He was there when we first made public contact.
When you’re a kid, you can’t really grasp the… the size of it all. You learn about Martian history in schools, the discovery, the communication between planets… but the impact that there’s a whole other culture on another planet never really hits you…

2: A very young Dominic Jackson looks up, wide-eyed and amazed.
Jackson, narrating: …until it really hits you.

3: The Martian Ambassador leans down, smiling at young Dominic and touching his cheek.
Julia (off-screen): No shit, you got to meet them? You’re making that up.
Jackson, narrating: I wasn’t smart enough to get into the sciences, but I had to get as close as I could to the… “scientific forefront”, I suppose. I had to get as close as I could to that vanguard.

4: Jackson dismisses his talk, waving a fork.
Jackson: Uh… sorry. I guess I’m rambling.

5: Julia just smiles slyly at Jackson, taking a drunk.