1: A train cruises across a track. It runs beside a tall cement wall, separating the green interior of the city from the harsh desert outside.
Caption: Three days later.
Morgan, from the train: Another murder.
What do you think we’re looking at here?
They can’t be copycat killers. The justice department has gone to great lengths to make sure no details were leaked to the press.

2: Morgan and Rice face each other alone in a box car of a train.
Rice: We could be looking at some sort of wide-spread occult sacrifice, but Armitage couldn’t come up with any groups who make offerings like this, and he doesn’t know of any cult holidays or sabbaths that line up with the murders.
Morgan: They’re too similar to be coincidental, but too spread out and varied to be organized.

3: A train attendee, a young panda woman comes to the door of their car.
Attendee: Can I get you two anything?

4: Morgan smiles.
Morgan: Eliot, let me buy you a drink.
Rice: It’s early, do I want that?

5: Rice has an eyebrow raised.
Morgan (off-screen): Yes you do. You’re on a train.

6: Rice rolls his eyes and looks out the window.
Rice: Always the know-it-all.
Nothing too strong, please