1: Spread across the table are black-and-white photos from all three crime scenes. Besides the cheetah, there is also a male feline, who’s body was impaled all over by knives and silverware; and a male hyena, covered in claw wounds. Photos include close-ups of the wounds.
Haji (off-screen): Here we see that the killer knew exactly where to stab to avoid vital organs, prolonging the death: so, we know that the murderer has advanced medical knowledge. A doctor maybe.
Rice (off-screen): The range of the murders shows that he has the money to travel, too

2: Haji stares down at the desk.
Haji: …Hm. Phrenologist, hand me that book you have about claws.

3: An open book is placed on the table. It contains anatomical drawings of the claws of different species.
Rice (off-screen): Phrenology is just a hobby, you don’t have to-
Haji (off-screen): Yeah, and that’s the hobby you hung on the wall. Now shut it.

4: Detective Haji is deep in thought, staring at the material.
Haji: …Fuck me.

5: A close-up of the book’s drawings besides some of the photos.
Haji: The claw marks don’t match… These are different killers.