1: The two agents Julia met in issue 2 are parked near the woods at night. Agent Jackson, the raccoon, is talking on his headset. Agent Avery, the blue jay, is sitting on the roof of the car, eating sushi.
Caption: Cairo, 2037
Jackson: I know, sir, but-
And I appreciate that! But just listen, I-
I’m a field agent, not a-
Yes sir…

2: Avery tweets down to Jackson.
Avery speaks Avian in a quizzical tone.
Jackson: He wants me inside the school to find out why they had another black idol. I have to investigate that hidden basement.
The principal’s not just gonna let me walk around looking for clues, though. He’s paranoid about SIU being on his property at all.
Avery speaks Avian in a punctual casualness.
Jackson: No I’m not going in undercover. Students don’t have scars from gunshot wounds.

3: Jackson crosses his arms.
Avery speaks Avian with a playful tone.
Jackson: My plan?

4: Jackson thinks, hands on hips.
Jackson: My plan is to get drunk and come up with a better plan tomorrow.
Avery speaks a brief Avian trill of excitement.