1: Jackson walks down the hall of the William Pilgrim Extraplanetary Research Center, rubbing his head n the same suit.
Caption: The next morning.

2: A black canid girl carrying a clipboard bumps into him.
Girl: Rrf!

3: She backs up, and we see that it’s Julia King.
Julia: Sorry man. Lost in thought.

4: She walks past him, Jackson looks back at her, astounded.

5: A shot of her from behind as she stops, perked.
Jackson ((off-screen)): Uh, hey, wait! Are you… new here?

6: Juli turns around, eyebrow cocked.
Julia: Hm? Oh, yeah, I am. Julia King, hey.

7: Jackson stands suspiciously, eyes obscured inside by his sunglasses.
Julia (off-screen): You sure look out of place. Don’t think I’ve seen you around here before.