1: A black, ghostly wolf stands on the chest of a sleeping figure, eyes glowing.
Morgan ((off-screen)): The Egyptians here sometimes talk of a black dog that appears to you before you die. They must be related legends! I have a few death bed statements talking about it.
Rice ((off-screen)): Some Sub-Saharan cultures also mention a black dog in relation to sleep paralysis…

2: A cigarette is lit with a match.
Haji ((off-screen)): It’s the Sudanese that talk about the wolf, not us. There’s a difference.

3: Detective Haji stands in the doorway, smoking.
Haji: Do they solve crimes where you boys are from, or do they just spread ghost stories? We have a serial killer on the loose.

4: Rice and Armitage look disappointed.
Haji ((off-screen)): Don’t just stand around talking about old legends. Gather the evidence together; we’re here to find patterns.

5: Doctor Rice perks up.
Rice: I’ll make some coffee!