1: Professor Armitage stands in front of a cork board, cluttered with notes, newspaper clippings, and a map of Egypt.

2: Doctor Rice is settling into the room by hanging one of his phrenology charts.
Rice: Have you ever heard of anything like this before?

3: Armitage chews on a pencil thoughtfully.
Armitage: I don’t want to jump to conclusions… but I am immediately reminded of an old myth I once read.

4: Professor Morgan sits lounged back in a chair, reading through scraps of paper.
Morgan: They called it “Kenazil”.

5: Armitage and Rice turn to face him, the room is a sparse wooden room with furniture and a bookcase, they seem in the process of moving in. Morgan has a glass of brandy and doesn’t rise.
Armitage: Who?
Morgan: Sorry, isn’t that what you meant? It’s one of the oldest demonic figures ever recorded. Babylonian warriors used to say they saw it the night before battles: a cloud-like, black wolf.