1: The sketchbook is laid out on the desk. A photocopied article from a book is displayed:

Brotherhood of the Moth

There is evidence of this small cult as early as 1305, but rumors hint towards a much older origin. Their god is unknown, as no known demonology has record of the seal they use and worship.

There have been many attempts to disband and eliminate this cult by governments, religious organizations, and rival cults. In 1892, the cult was blamed for the fire that destroyed several churches in the Giza suburbs. In 1959, the head of a specific Brotherhood church was found guilty of several murders.

2: Rhoda rubs her face.

3: She turns to the final page of the sketchbook. Drawn is the rough floor plan of a room with a scribbled rune in the center.

Rhoda (off-screen): Last sketch. That looks like… the library?

4: Rhoda stands up, staring down at the pages.

Rhoda: He must have become so absolutely obsessed with this cult that it drove him crazy…

He was trying to summon their god in the library. Why?