1: The exterior shot of one of the dorm building in C.U, during the day.

2: Rhoda is in her room, at her desktop with a tablet computer and headset. The room is disorganized, several books from the Professor’s office and his paperwork is on the desk.

Caption: Rhoda was missing from all her classes the next day.

Headset speaker: Seems crazy to me.

Rhoda: Seems crazy to me too… but, listen, it does kinda add up.

3: The stack of blueprints.

Rhoda (off-screen): The building had the same designer until this Gershem guy got involved.

4: A website profile of Hanif Gershem, a German Shepard, a Cairo architect.

Rhoda (off-screen): I looked him up. His brother was arrested for, like, cult shit a few years ago. It can’t be a coincidence that cultish symbols would appear in a building he designed.

Headset: So? Cult people do weird things all the time. Why would that teacher even be interested?

5: We see the professor’s sketchbook and a drink container.

Rhoda (off-screen): Well, this’ll sound crazy…

6: Rhoda smiles.

Rhoda: But I think the spirit worshiped by this cult was infecting his mind.

Headset: *sigh*