1: Flipping the page, future sketches continue this trend.

2: The forms of the figures become increasingly less recognizable distorted by geometric patterns.

3: Rhoda grabs ‘The Key of Elan’.

4: Holding up the sketchbook drawing next to the page about Mal-Fa’asha, the spirit’s seal of clairvoyance is inverted in the professor’s drawings.

5: Rhoda turns another page in the sketch book to find a newspaper clipping.

6: The clipping, is from a newspaper, an outdated technology in 2037. It looks old and aged in general:


Police broke into the headquarters of “Brotherhood of the Moth” late Thursday night. Representatives of CLEA revealed that the cult had been declared responsible for a number of kidnappings and murders last Spring.

21 members of the Brotherhood were taken into custody, and at least one officer was hospitalized. Reports suggest that the cult headquarters was the site of several sacrifices, and that “several dozen” bodies were found.