1: Rhoda, a female pangolin in bright jeans and a beret, is in the office of Professor Morgan, a male white wolf. The professor’s office is littered with evidence of the life of a well-traveled history professor: artifacts and souvenirs from other countries, ancient things such as old pots and statues.

Caption: Further inquiries with other teachers painted for me a clearer picture of what had happened. At the start of the spring semester, students were surprised to find one art teacher, Professor Reën Draak, mysteriously gone with no reason or explanation to be garnered from the other teachers.

Rhoda Dornez, an art student described as both “promising” and “eccentric” by her contemporaries, had been determined to discover why.

Rhoda: C’mon, Professor… You can’t tell me anything? Not even a little hint?

Morgan: You know what “classified” means, right? I’m forbidden to tell you anything.

2: Professor Morgan crosses his arms, looking stern.

Rhoda (off-screen): It’s not like I’m being nosy! We were, like, totally friends!

3: Rhoda shows her phone, it shows a news site talking about an art installation. It includes a photo of Rhoda and Professor Draak a horned lizard. The two seem close.

Rhoda (off-screen): We did that whole art installation together last Spring!

Morgan (off-screen): I understand that you two were friends. I’m not trying to be difficult, but I can get in serious trouble if I told you anything.

4: Rhoda looks smug as she catches Morgan in lie.

Rhoda: Of course, the mere fact that you can’t say anything really tells me how big this was!

You’ve totally given up your first clue!

5: Rhoda slams her hands on the table, frustrated.

Morgan (off-screen): Don’t try your detective routine on me.

Rhoda: But I’ve got to know!

6: Morgan wears a slight smile, rubbing his temple.

Morgan: Hmph. I know that feeling, Rhoda, better than you ever will…