1: Morgan stands, arms behind his back, staring out the window.

Morgan: …but I’m afraid my hands are tied in this matter.

If you were, however, to…

2: On his desk lays his security key card.

Morgan: …steal my keycard to gain access to Professor Draak’s office, I couldn’t be held responsible for what you find.

3: Morgan continues staring out the window, Rhoda, behind him, is creeping up on his desk.

Rhoda: Well, that really sucks, uh…

4: Rhoda has the card and is now backing up, Morgan smiles.

Rhoda: If you hear anything, be sure to let me know…

5: She’s closing the frosted glass door, Rhoda leaves the office.

Morgan: Of course.

6: Rhoda, powers down the hallway.
Caption: No one knows the specifics, but the staff knew that Professor Victor Morgan’s security keycard was used to access Professor Draak’s office

7: Outside the door of Professor Draak’s office, Rhoda suspiciously looks around, keycard in hand.

Caption: The card was later found in Rhoda’s dorm room, leaving little question on the matter.