1: A horrific painting hangs on a gallery wall.

The man in the hat (off-screen): I’ve seen her past work. This is quite a departure.

This may be out of bounds for a student’s work, but do you think she’s willing to sell these?

Teacher (off-screen): You want to… buy them? I don’t know about that…

2: The speakers stand in a small student gallery in the University of Cairo: a female horse, one of the art teachers at the school; and a dark gray cat, dressed in a black trench coat and a hat. He smiles enthusiastically, she seems concerned.

The man in the hat: I understand if it goes against your school’s policy, but I do like to support rising artists and these just happen to fit in very well with my interests.

Teacher: It’s not that. I guess I would just feel guilty about even discussing that with her in the state she’s in.

The man in the hat: Oh dear, is she unwell?

Teacher: You didn’t hear?

3: A scenic shot of the school building’s ornate pilasters, during the day.

Caption: Two weeks earlier.