1: Julia has stood up and is carefully piling the books.
Mel: So, like, how’s the arm treating you? If I may.

2: A view of Kas’s arms leaned on the table. His severed arm has been replaced with a clearly artificial limb in dark bronze plating with gold accents.
Kas: I don’t mind. It’s…
It feels almost entirely natural now, at least to move around. You get used to the touch sensors on the fingertips pretty quick.

3: Julia carries books behind Mel with Kas’s head in the foreground.
Mel: I’m surprised you didn’t go for something with fake fur on it. Those can look really realistic these days.
Kas: Uh, I might in the future, but… I don’t know.
Honestly, I kinda like the “cyborg” look.
Julia: Hell yeah, cyber-kitty.

4: Kas, speaking.
Kas: Listen, give me… a week, tops, and I think I can do this. Translation software can get me about halfway there, but this will need a lot of… fussing.
Mel: Thanks, Kas.