1: Kas’s car pulls out of the driveway as seen through a window from inside.

2: The girls watch through the window.
Julia: A whole week, huh.
Melissa: Mhmm.
Julia: And then what?
Melissa: And then… well…

3: Melissa steps away and shrugs. Julia darkens the window, finger touched to the corner of the pane.
Melissa: It’s a ritual book. Once we have it translated, we… do the ritual.
Julia: To summon the Black Dog.
Melissa: Or capture it, or communicate with it. I don’t… really know the specifics.

4: Julia, smiling, has her hands up in faux, theatrical distress.
Julia: I’ve never done a ritual, hon. That was Rhoda’s expertise.
Mel: All your years of reading books about secrets and mysteries and conspiracies didn’t also make you an expert in magic?
Julia: I know! Hard to believe!

5: Melissa stands before a poster that Julia has hung in the living room – a world map with arrows pointing out and describing various lake monsters around the globe.
Julia: Listen, if you want to go hunt lake monsters or find crop circles, I’m your gal. But actual magic?
I didn’t even believe it existed until Rhoda did… whatever it is she did in the Khalid Manor.
Mel: I’d love to go hunt a lake monster right now.

6: Melissa turns, talking over her shoulder, hands on her hips.
Mel: Why’s it only us doing this? Don’t we have at least some access to SIU resources or something? Can’t the government call in an expert?