1: In the basement of their shared house, Melissa and Julia sit across the table from Kas. Between them are laid out various books and digital scans of the book are displayed on the table’s screen.
Kas: So, here’s why you couldn’t figure it out: this is a specific, regional variant of Akkadian. There are barely any records of it.

2: Side view as they speak. Kas scratches at his face with his mechanical arm.
Kas: The closest thing we have to a living expert is Professor Fields, all the way down in Australia. I could probably get his help…
Mel: No, Kas, sorry. This has to be really discrete.
We can’t let anyone else know we even have this book and its contents might be sensitive knowledge.
Kas: Well, there’s not a lot I can do without learning Akkadian.

3: Mel just smiles at him.
Kas: I’m not-

4: He throws his hands up.
Kas: Fine, I’ll learn Akkadian.
Mel: Thank you, Kas.
Kas: You know I’m an anthropology major, right? Not a linguist?
Mel: Time to change your degree, then.