1: Julia backs up a bit from Mel who maintains her confrontational stance.
Julia: Hey now… Let’s not get drastic.
(whoa whoa whoa)

2: The Smiling Man stands from his seat.
The Smiling Man: I will not give a loaded gun to a child.

3: Melissa leaning forward, a little angry now.
Mel: Don’t call US children when YOU won’t act like an adult!

4: Julia has returned to Mel’s side.
Julia: She’s right! While you gods are sitting around and letting our whole species go insane,
we’re trying to do something about it.
(trust us/give it to us!)
Mel: I know the risks. This needs to be done.

5: The black cat just grins, tilting his head and raising a hand in a vague motion.
The Smiling Man: …Very well.
It’s your body. If you want to risk it by trying to control this mistake, then please, by all means…

6: Mel perks up in surprise. There’s a soft spark of energy around her clenched fist.

7: In her open hand is now a black, smoking key.
The Smiling Man: …And if this mistake gets out of hand, then that will be on your head.
We will survive and there will always be new races ready to evolve and find us once more.