1: Melissa closes her fist again and looks at it, thinking.

2: Julia steps forward.
Julia: Why can’t you all do something? Is this not the time for divine intervention?
(wake up!)

3: The black feline gesticulates as he speaks, smiling ever still.
The Smiling Man: Use your head, child.
If you were a gardener and something threatened to destroy your fruit, you would stop it and the plants would not even be aware.
How many times do you think that has happened in your race’s history? In even just your lifetime?
We are not idle. We have our reasons. What we allow to happen is done for a reason.

4: Julia speaks with determination even as her face distorts and repeats. Some of the pictures on the wall behind her have changed to show images of Air’asha, the centipede god of her earlier vision.
Julia: You’re a deadbeat dad, making excuses.
(fuck you)

5: Side view of the confrontation as Julia points a finger at The Smiling Man. Many of the pictures on the wall are now black, like lights switching off.
Julia: You want to compare us to fruit? Well, your food supply is poisoned, and it looks like its rotting away whatever you uppity divine beings call a brain!
(the whole lot of you are insane)

6: The Smiling Man stops smiling. The wall behind him cracks.