1: Julia holds her head, grimacing. Mel holds Julia’s arm to steady and comfort her.
Julia: We…

2: The Man’s expression is mostly unchanging as he stays seated.
The Smiling Man: Slowly, Julia. One thought at a time.
You aren’t really built to be up here.

3: Julia speaks with strained passion. Melissa stays close.
Julia: She cured Melissa… We need her. The Black Mass needs to be stopped.
(helped/cleansed/ate) (give her to us)(we need to be stopped/eat the black mass)

4: The Smiling Man speaking.
Man: You don’t know what you’re asking for.
We, the gods, sometimes struggle to keep her on a leash as is.
In your hands, she’d go out of control.

5: Melissa steps forward.
Mel: We have no choice. We have no other option.
I have to try.

6: The Smiling Man’s unnatural grin.
The Smiling Man: She would rip you apart, mortal.

7: A close-up of Mel’s determined face.
Mel: So be it.