1: Julia helps Melissa up to her feet while simultaneously leaving her kneeling on the ground.
Julia: You okay?
Mel: It was… a vision? It felt so real, like… almost like a memory.
(like I was him)
Julia: Guess we shouldn’t touch anything.
(stay close)

2: Opposite of the couch, where there clearly was not anyone before, now sits The Smiling Man – the well-dressed black cat with a perpetual grin.
The Smiling Man: That would be wise.

3: The girls jerk back in surprise.
Julia: How long have you been there?!
(what the fuck)

4: Close-up of his oversized grin.
The Smiling Man: I have always been here.

5: Side view of the three talking.
Mel: So… it is you.
The Smiling Man: Yes! We met before. I helped you with your memory problem.
But you aren’t here for me, are you?
That was her summoning circle.