1: Melissa streaks down from her seated position to kneeling on the ground, arms slumped onto the table in front of the couch. In front of her is that bowl of glass orbs, each the size of a grapefruit, containing glowing cyclones of energy.
Mel: Where… are we?
It was supposed to summon her, but we…
It feels like we got pulled somewhere.

2: She reaches out to touch one of the orbs and the energy clings to the side of a glass lightening in a plasma globe.

3: The scene suddenly shifts as Melissa experiences someone else’s memory: in a first person view, we see the dark and wet boards of a ship, flowing with rain water.
???: Up! Up, ye bilge rats!

4: The person is lifted up by the collar of their shirt by dirty and thinly built rhino dressed in a soiled captain’s uniform.
Rhino: Your turn, you-

5: The rhino is punched by the thick, scaled arm of someone coming in from off screen.

6: The person’s gloved hands are up as the handle of a sword is shoved into them by their savior, a bulky looking, shirtless crocodile.
Crocodile: Eyes up, lad!

7: Mel’s hand releases the orb. It clunks safely back down into the pile with the others. He expression is wide-eyed and dazed.