1: Julia and Melissa’s faces are barely discernible in a distorted mess of colors.

2: The distortion ends and the two find themselves in a clean and quaint living room. They are dressed in proper, fancy clothing and sitting on an expensive-looking vintage couch. There is an ornate table in front of them with two bowls; one holds fruit and the other holds glass orbs containing swirling, glowing mist. An ornate chair sits empty facing them.

3: The two look at each other. They are sitting rather stiffly and don’t seem able to move much.
Mel: Did it… is this good?
Julia: Not… sure. Can you move?
Mel: Barely…

4: Julia slowly, but also quickly, stands, her body a streak of stretched colors from her seating position to one of standing.
Julia: I recognize this feeling…
(very faintly behind that text: This is like when Rhoda came to me.)
Your body isn’t here, hon, you have to… think about moving.
(dream it)