1: Julia has sat up. Melissa kneels beside her, both nude.
Julia: I’ve messed up so many times, Mel…
I keep… panicking when things get heated.

2: Melissa gently embraces Julia from behind as the wolf speaks.
Julia: I used to think of myself as Naomi Rider. I mean, really envisioned it. I wanted to be her. I wanted to become that person from the movies.

3: A flashback panel to Julia on the moon, confronted by the Black Idol in the dark, seconds before the portal closes behind her.
Julia: But when it came time to actually be that… that action hero, I guess… I faltered.
Mel: Honey? Sweetie. My dearest cactus flower-
You survived two encounters with a monster made of teeth and eyes.

4: Another flashback recalls their confrontation in the Vatican library with Tullus chasing Julia with his gun drawn.
Mel: You got stranded on an alien planet and came back.
We broke into The Vatican.
I think you blackmailed a government agent too?

5: Julia smiles lightly as Melissa nuzzles her over her shoulder.
Mel: You’re more of a hero than I’d ever ask of anyone.

6: Julia gives Mel a playful shove, their bodies silhouettes in the light of the window.
Mel: …But, if it helps, we can get you a new Naomi Rider costume and you can wear it any time.
Julia: Hahaha. Careful, I’ll hold you to that.
Mel: I sure hope so.