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1: Melissa lays atop Julia, facing the wall. Julia, pensive, stares off into the distance.

2: Julia’s speaks.
Julia: Do I… feel the same?
Mel: Mmh?

3: Their paws, entangled in sheets.
Julia: My body…
Did it change? Does it feel the same as it did before…

4: Melissa’s cheek is rested on Julia’s shoulder. She’s looking away, looking sleepy.
Mel: Yeah. It does.
You’re missing a scar or two, but…
You’re the same girl I had the hots for a year ago.

5: Mel sits up.
Mel: What’s up, hon?

6: Julia shifts to lay on her side, seen from above.
Julia: Do you think the Kas impersonator knew he was an impersonator the whole time?
Mel: Yeah, actually, I’m pretty sure…
Julia: If you were an exact copy of someone… physically, mentally, with all their memories…
Would you even know you were a copy?

7: Melissa kneels beside Julia.
Mel: Would it matter?