1: A wide view of the three as they stand in the hut.
Julia: These things don’t come for free, I just know it.
Rhoda: What I want, you cannot offer. In exchange for helping you here, I get what I want from someone else.
Mel: And what’s that?
I’m not gonna help you if you’re trying to get some sort of… weapon, or something.

2: Rhoda looks away for a moment.

3: A closer look at her, seeming as sad as she can with her eyes covered. The vague shape of Tazim, looking properly melancholy, is reflected in the glasses.
Rhoda: Someone stole something from me long, long ago.
Something very precious. Something irreplaceable. Something worthless to absolutely anyone else but me.

4: Rhoda’s impassioned speaking.
Rhoda: That same “someone” holds the leash to that thing you are trying to summon. She guards what I want.
She’s not a threat to me on her own, but in the hands of him, she is a weapon I cannot hope to disarm.

5: Melissa perks up; behind her is a vision of The Smiling Man, the grinning black cat she met a while ago.
Mel: That… man.
Rhoda: Yes, him.
Get her away from him and we both win.
No tricks. No bargains with double meanings.
I will do nothing to harm either of you, I promise.