1: Melissa is bent over on the ground, panting, covering her mouth.
Melissa: I… I remember… Ugh, god, the taste
What the hell was that thing?

2: The smiling man stands in the dark
The Smiling Man: The only god to have ever been born as living flesh.

3: Melissa looks at the ghostly wolf with the glowing eyes.
Melissa: And… her, why was she…
The Smiling Man (off-screen): My dear pet has been trained to hunt the living god, the thing your people call The Black Idol.
I found her feeding off the pain of mortal flesh and introduced her to a more appetizing hunt.

4: The man stands over Melissa.
The Smiling Man: You should be getting home.
Melissa: Wait, tell me-

5: Melissa, in the same pose, looks around to find herself suddenly back in her bedroom.