1: Rhoda’s claws tap at one of the pages which shows a large, intricate circular rune.
Rhoda: You have all the information here, and your translator is… mostly right.
You’re missing a key ingredient, though. It’s referred to in this book colloquially, so it’s easily missed in translations.
It’s a sort of container, without which none of this ritual will even trigger.

2: She stands and straightens her robe.
Rhoda: I should have one in one of these drawers, actually.

3: She’s in the foreground as she sorts through drawers; Melissa is in the background, watching her.
Rhoda: Maybe think of this less like a container and more like a lens and the ritual should start to make more sense.
It’s important that you understand the ritual or else it won’t really work.

4: The object is placed on the table on an old, stained cloth – a cloudy white crystal with tree roots having grown around it.

5: From below, the girls look down at it. Julia is suspicious, but Mel is wide-eyed as she reaches for it.

6: Julia nudges her hand out of the way to stop her from grabbing it.
Julia: What’s the catch?