I have another new video out that I’d love for you all to check out! This one’s all about horror movie monsters:


1: Julia and Melissa face away from Rhoda, facing the camera, with her drinking water in the background. They’re talking quietly; Julia seems angry, but Melissa is pleading with her.

2: Melissa sits back down and is pulling a binder out of the bag she brought with her. Julia stays standing.
Melissa: We came here to get Rhoda’s help with…

3: The binder is laid open on the table, displaying printed out copies of the old book with translated notations.
Mel: …this.

4: Rhoda thumbs through the pages.
Rhoda: Oh, it has been ages since I’ve seen this one…
But I know it well. All about that canine…
Which name are you calling her these days?

5: Rhoda looking down at the book, eyes still covered by sunglasses, its runic writings reflected in her glasses. She smiles a little.
Julia: Kenazil.
Rhoda: Ah, a classic.
And what do you want her for, exactly?

6: Melissa, looking down forlornly.
Mel: It… cured me once. It fought off a sort of… disease.
We need it to do that again, or learn how it did it, but on a much, much larger scale.