1: Time has passed and Okpara has shown the Pharaoh evidence of leaks via tablet.

Okpara: …These, in particular, contain information that can only have come from within this facility.

Pharaoh: And you are certain that it is these ‘Doppelgangers’ and not foreign influence?

2: Okpara speaks impassioned.

Okpara: Our screening process and background checks were extremely thorough. I can’t imagine an impersonation by anything less than the abilities we saw in the previous Doppelganger.

3: The pharaoh’s stern expression.

Pharaoh: People can be bought. Anyone can, be they Egyptian security, South African technician, or Martian scientist.

4: Okpara squints.

Okpara: We’re doing our best, ma’am. Everyone is being looked into, and everything’s being accounted for. We’ll find them.

5: The pharaoh again.

Pharaoh: Be honest, Ms. Okpara. How many do you think there are? Doppelgangers, traitors, spies, whatever they are.

6: Okpara looks away and thinks very carefully.

4: As she speaks, Okpara is now seen in the 3d monitor within the Pharaoh’s chambers, an ornate tapestry behind her hologram.

Okpara: Very few, ma’am. I’m certain it’s only one or two in here. Any more would be too obvious.