1: Okpara sits in a well-lit video conference room facing a large screen. She’s adjusting her fancier outfit.

2: The screen shows a graphic that it is connecting.

3: The Pharaoh is now on screen. A regally and traditionally dressed female monitor lizard, aged and dignified. The screen is an early model 3d screen, its top lined with cameras and its display producing a sort of round-ish hologram which gives the pharaoh dimension from different angles because it’s my comic and I can decide that this is invented by 2039.

Pharaoh : Ms. Okpara.

7-8: Okpara does her best little bow while still being seated.

Okpara: You honor me.

Pharaoh : Oh, stop. You were at my son’s wedding, you don’t need to bow.

8-9: Okpara sits up. In a profile view, we see some of the screen’s three dimensionality.

Pharaoh : Let these formalities not waste my time.

Tell me how you are protecting my kingdom.